MLB odds & betting lines

Get up-to-date MLB odds from legal sportsbooks in your area. The best pricing, highlighted in green, ensures that you maximize your budget.

MLB odds

Use this tool to compare the best odds for future MLB games at the best sportsbooks in your area. Filter by moneyline (ML), run line, and Over/Under totals to ensure you always get the best baseball betting lines.

How to read baseball odds

The moneyline is the most popular way to bet on baseball, but Over/Under and the point spread (known as the run line in baseball) are also popular.


The moneyline is the most common strategy to gamble on low-scoring sports like baseball because it simply predicts which team will win the game. The moneyline favorite will be denoted by a minus sign (-), while the underdog will be represented by a plus sign. Learn more with our moneyline guide, and use our moneyline calculator to determine how much you may win.

Run line

In baseball, the run line stands in for the point spread. The 1.5-run line is a common MLB betting condition, meaning the favorite (-1.5) needs a two-run victory while the underdog (+1.5) can either lose by one run or win the game completely. Read our run line guide to learn more.


Another common way to wager on the MLB is with over/under odds, generally known as totals. When you bet on Over/Under odds, you are betting on whether the total number of runs scored by both sides will exceed or fall short of the number established by the bookmaker. Discover more with our Over/Under betting guide.


Betting on baseball futures involves betting on a future event, such as the World Series odds or which team will win the NL or AL pennant. These odds are given during the offseason and run until a champion is crowned. Discover more with our futures betting guide.

MLB picks and predictions

Even if you find the best MLB odds, you must still place the correct bet. Selecting “full game stats” for any of the matchups listed on this page will provide you with a complete breakdown of crucial stats, predictions, and tips, making handicapping simple.

Our matchup pages provide MLB bettors with extra insights to outwit the sportsbook’s oddsmakers, including AI-powered score projections, the most recent injury news, and past betting histories for every Major League Baseball team.

MLB odds FAQ

MLB odds are baseball betting odds pertaining to Major League Baseball. The moneyline, run line (point spread), and over/under odds are some of the most prevalent MLB betting odds.

On a moneyline baseball wager, the team you choose must win the game outright. Find out more about how odds operate.

Baseball’s opening lines are normally posted the night before game day.

In baseball, +1.5 represents the underdog on the run line. It indicates the team can win or lose by one run while still covering the spread.

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