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Finding the best NBA daily lines is critical for optimizing your winnings on NBA betting odds. Now that the NBA Finals have begun, with the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat winning their respective conferences, it’s an excellent time to place some moneyline bets, prop bets, and other wagers.

Whatever your NBA betting needs may be, from today’s best lines to odds for the future, we’ve got you covered.

Use this page to look up the odds for today’s NBA games at the leading online bookmakers. Check out the odds for the NBA games today and compare them with the links below.

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Gain an advantage at the sportsbook by using our money and bet percentages, along with our entire matchup report, if you are interested in betting on a given NBA playoff or regular season clash.

NBA Odds for today

This website contains all of the greatest NBA betting odds for upcoming games. If you’re looking for NBA daily lines, a comprehensive list of games and NBA spreads is available above. Once you’ve decided on a game to bet on and discovered the sports betting app or online sportsbook with the greatest NBA betting odds, it’s time to handicap your wager.

This page includes a few metrics to assist you make the best bet on today’s NBA games:


The bet% indicator indicates what proportion of total betting volume is on either side of the betting line. In other words, it shows you which side of the line has the most action in terms of total wagers placed. This is the simplest approach to determine which side the public supports.


The money% metric illustrates how much of the total amount wagered falls on either side of the betting line. In other words, it shows you which side of the line is receiving the most bets and the largest share of total money wagered.


To assess where the sharpest bettors are placing their money, our sharp money meter employs a proprietary methodology that takes into account wager and money percentage inputs.

NBA odds explained

The three most popular ways to gamble on the NBA are the point spread, the moneyline, and Over/Under.


The most common type of basketball betting is spread betting. The point spread serves as an equalizer, calculating a handicap based on the predicted final margin between two teams. The point spread favorite is denoted by the minus (-) before the spread and must win by more than that number of points to win the spread bet. To win the bet, the underdog must either win outright or lose by fewer points than the provided spread. Learn more about point spreads with our guide.


The moneyline is the simplest basketball bet you can make: simply select which team will win. A negative (-) before the odds indicates the moneyline favorite, while a plus (+) indicates the underdog. Learn more with our moneyline guide, and use our moneyline calculator to see how much money you can win on NBA moneyline bets.


When you are unsure which team will win, the Over/Under — often known as the total — is a wonderful betting option. The oddsmakers set a projected total number of points scored by both teams, and you can bet on whether the final score will be over or under that amount. Discover more with our Over/Under guide.


NBA futures are long-term market odds, such as the odds of winning the NBA Championship or which teams will win the Eastern and Western Conferences. Futures odds are frequently available before the start of the schedule, and bets are accepted until the end of the season, with odds constantly changing based on outcomes, injuries, and betting activity. Learn more about the future with our guide.

How to Bet on Basketball

Basketball is one of the world’s fastest-growing betting markets. If you’re new to betting on basketball, start with our how to bet on basketball guide, which covers all of the different types of odds and offers tips and tactics.

NBA Teams

The NBA boasts a total of 30 teams spanning the United States and Canada. With a flurry of nightly games, it can sometimes become challenging to stay updated on the league’s roster. Below is a convenient breakdown to aid you in effortlessly navigating through the NBA teams, categorized by conference and division:

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division:

Eastern Conference

Central Division:

Eastern Conference

Southeast Division:

Western Conference

Northwest Division:

Western Conference

Pacific Division:

Western Conference

Southwest Division:

FAQs | NBA Odds

The odds listed here are defaulted to American format. If the odds are -110, you must wager $110 to win $100. If the odds are +120, you’d bet $100 to win $120. To modify the odds format, click the Odds Settings button.

NBA game odds will be set by sportsbook oddsmakers based on each team’s implied chance of winning. These odds then constitute a liquid market, which moves in reaction to betting activity until the game begins.

NBA game odds are usually released the night before. The lines then move in response to betting activity and game-related news until tip-off.

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